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Welcome to The Authors Haunt Tanka Project.  This is just one of the many ongoing Writing Projects here at The Authors Haunt.  These projects are open to all members and authors who want to try their hand at experimenting with a new style, format or theme, or to simply develop their existing skills.

This particular Project is for tanka poetry, a five-line Japanese poetic form that predates the more commonly known haiku by more than a thousand years.  Originally known as "hanka" (meaning "reverse poem"), it is a type of Waka poetry, a poetic form characterised by a combination of five and seven syllable lines.

All members and authors are invited to participate in this Writing Project.  If you think you would like to take part, please click on the "Participate" link in the banner above, where you will find the rules related to this Writing Project, links to information about tanka poetry to help you understand this poetic form, and the submission form you are required to use when submitting your tanka to The Authors Haunt.


Tanka by Resident Author Ieshwar


Line Count: 5

Published: 01 Jan 2009


Tanka by Resident Author Merkin


Line Count: 5

Published: 21 Dec 2008


Tanka by Resident Author R J Santos


Line Count: 10

Published: 04 Dec 2008


Tanka by Resident Author Rob Hawes


Line Count: 30

Published: 08 Dec 2008




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