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About this Writing Project

Before you start work on a story for this Writing Project, please take a few moments to read these few paragraphs as they describe exactly what is expected of participating authors and their submissions.

The aim of this Writing Project is to challenge authors to create a story focusing on description and perception, thus painting a picture for readers with their words.  Before you embark on your story, let's talk a little about what description and perception mean with regards to fiction.

Description refers to text that depicts the physical characteristics of the environment a character finds themselves in.  When written from a first person perspective, this crosses over into the realm of perception as often the description will take the form of what the character actually sees.  Perception, on the other hand, refers to text that describes how a character relates to their environment - what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel, as well as the thoughts and memories these senses evoke.

In order to qualify for publication in this Writing Project, stories should focus on description and perception at the expense of dialogue.  Extended monologue is acceptable if said monologue involves a description or details of perception, but dialogue should be kept to a minimum.  In a story of 1,000 words, no more than 100 of those words should be dialogue.

Further, submissions to this Writing Projects must actually be stories.  That means that poetry will not be accepted, and nor will scenes or extracts.  Your submission should be a complete, standalone story in its own right rather than a portion of a larger work.



Sign Up: Signing up to participate in this Writing Project is not required.  Members and authors may simply submit their work unsolicited.

Submission Deadline: This is an ongoing project so there is no deadline for submissions.

Submission procedure: Please submit your stories via the form linked to in the Submissions section of this page.

Genre: Any.

Word length: There is no mandatory maximum or minimum word count.  Stories may be as long or short as you wish.

Story titles: Authors are free to come up with their own titles, but the title "Painting with Words" may not be used.

Copyright and License: By submitting work to, and publishing work as part of, a Writing Project at The Authors Haunt, you grant to The Authors Haunt and its owners a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, display, publish, and communicate to the public, worldwide, the submitted content, in whole or in part, at The Authors Haunt (or any part thereof, including subsidiary sites).  All rights to said work, including copyright and moral rights, remain the property of the original author.  This license agreement applies to work submitted as part of a Writing Project only.

Please note that by submitting you work to an anthology at The Authors Haunt you are granting us an irrevocable right to display that work.  That means that while you can request your Writing Project submissions be removed, and we will consider that request, we are under no obligation to remove any Writing Project submissions from the site.  As a general rule, we do not remove work published as part of an Writing Project here at The Authors Haunt.  You retain all copyright and moral rights, and are free to publish the work elsewhere from 24 hours after the work is published at The Authors Haunt.

Graphic Usage: The Authors Haunt will create an icon for your submission for use on the Writing Project main page.  This icon will be designed to be in keeping with the Writing Project theme.  Resident Authors are free to submit suitable graphics for use on their sites at The Authors Haunt.  Authors are free to use graphics designed by The Authors Haunt design team on their sites at The Authors Haunt, in their signature on The Authors Haunt Community Forums, or elsewhere provided the graphic is used to link back to their story here.  Authors may not use graphics designed by The Authors Haunt design team to link to, or as headers for, work published elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Writing Project coordinator.



Before submitting your work to The Authors Haunt, please ensure that it has been properly edited.  If you have used the services of an editor, we strongly recommend that you provide an acknowledgement note, which can be included in the "Comments" section of the submission form.  Please pay attention to the genre, type, rating and warnings fields and ensure you apply suitable coding in each section.

To submit your work to this Writing Project, please click here.





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