The Letters Fiction Writing Project is an exercise in communication.  For centuries letters have represented the main form of communication between people unable to communicate verbally, conveying intimate details about their lives, daily experiences and relationships with others.  With the advent of email, letters have become a less common form of communication, but in this Writing Project The Authors Haunt will revive this largely lost art.  All submissions must take the form of a letter, written by one or more character, with no narrative or dialogue.

All members and authors are invited to participate in this Writing Project.  If you think you would like to take part, please click on the "Participate" link in the banner above, where you will find the rules related to this Writing Project, a more in-depth explanation of what is expected of participating authors, and the submission form you are required to use when submitting your story to The Authors Haunt.


The termination of a relationship isn't always easy, especially at long distance and by letter...


Word Count: 727

Published: 11 May 2011


We may leave behind more than one kind of legacy...


Word Count: 639

Published: 05 Feb 2010


Words from twenty year old me to thirty year old me...


Word Count: 524

Published: 29 Jun 2009


Margaret writes a letter to her sister, Rebecca, on her fiftieth birthday discussing the many complexities of her family relationships...


Word Count: 2,505

Published: 20 Apr 2011


Winning is not always a victory, but a loss is always a loss...


Word Count: 607

Published: 02 Jun 2009