The Journal Fiction Writing Project is an exercise in intimacy and the ability for an author to put themselves in the mind of their protagonist.  Journals, or diaries, are intimate accounts of a person's life or daily routine, often filled with emotional insights and unvoiced comments.  The challenge here is for an author to explore an event, be it extraordinary or mundane, through the eyes of their protagonist in a way they may not do so in a typical story.

All members and authors are invited to participate in this Writing Project.  If you think you would like to take part, please click on the "Participate" link in the banner above, where you will find the rules related to this Writing Project, a more in-depth explanation of what is expected of participating authors, and the submission form you are required to use when submitting your story to The Authors Haunt.


For thirteen year old Peter, every day is filled with anger, pain and frustration, and the source of these emotions can be summed up in just one word - Elton...


Word Count: 4,732

Published: 11 May 2011