She stood there radiant and tall; she shone as she went by

Oh how the boys, they stared! She was easy on the eye.


Clad in scanty daisy dukes, a top slashed up to “there”,

you could hear the sigh as she passed in the blink of an eye.


Long hair flowed down to her waist; dyed delicious chestnut brown.

Oh how they whistled as she went, with a laugh and a wink of an eye


Shoes on her feet made her tower above them, idol on high.

She glided on, they howled and bayed and crowed with a roll of the eye


She arrived at the General Store and that where she met her Honeybee.

And they were silent and sorry and shuffled with a lowering of the eye.


She gave him a kiss as he flexed his muscles at them.

They huffed and puffed, shuffled and tried not to meet the man’s eye.







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