The red balloon drifted to the sound of the child screaming. Slowly it rose above the hustle and bustle of daily life. Gently lifted by the breeze and floating to no one knew where. The string trailing behind, the last visage of any attachment to its previous owner, it’s colour a stark contrast to the grey skies above.

No longer tied to its earthbound master, it floated to freedom. Bore by the wind to an unknown destination, drifting on the wind of fate. Where would it end? And if I clutched to the string, would it take me with it? I stopped and watched as it floated higher and higher. The sounds of the traffic and the people around me drift away, as in my mind I float away with the balloon. Higher and higher until the world below is but a dream.

Clasping the string attached I rose into sky. Away from all attachments, cares and worries of my life. Travelling to true freedom. Guided by the wind I float above the city and look down. Dizzy from the heights, I see the people like ants scurrying around, driven by motives I no longer have. The grey buildings surrounded by darker grey roads get further and further away as I float further.

I smile as I glide along, holding tightly to my ticket to freedom; a red balloon drifting in the breeze. No obligations, no ties, no worries. No job to go to, no bills to pay. Bliss. I have nowhere to be. No deadlines. Just floating around up in the sky not knowing where I will land, even if I will ever land.

Suddenly I get bumped out of my dream. A nice dream, but impractical. Smiling at myself I gather my overcoat around me and continue my journey home.



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