There was a snap in the dorm room followed by a growl.


“Will you stop snapping your gum?”


Again with a snap.


“No. Why should I?” came the snide reply.


“Because it’s annoying? And because I asked you to?”


“Deal with it.”


“I’m ten seconds away from throwing my book at you,” comes the ground out line from her as she hunches over her desk.


“And I care why?” came the reply.


“Because if you don’t stop snapping your dang gum, I won’t be throwing the book, I’ll be shoving it down your throat.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”


“That’s it! You’re going down! You and your precious gum to!” she yells getting up and lunging at the other female.


“Ack! Get off me!”

“No! Now give me the gum!”


“Never!! I’ll never surrender my gum!”


“You so will! Open your mouth, slut girl!”


“Bite me, harlot!”


“Never! Now, give me the gum!”

“You said that already!”


“I don’t care! Give it to me!!”


“How many times do I have to say it!! Never!”


“You will give it to me or so help me, I’ll destroy all your other packs of gum!”

“You wouldn’t!”


“I so would!”


“Ack! Get off me you psycho!”

“No! Now, gimmie!”


“Go bite some bulls balls!!”


“Eww!! Nasty!! Don’t drool on me!”


“Then don’t try to stick your hand into my mouth! I won’t ever give up my gum!”


“You will or I will destroy your other packs!”

“You can’t! I need those! I can’t afford to start smoking again!” came the horrified reply.


“I can and I will! You can’t stop me!!”


“You wanna bet?”


“You couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag!”

“I so can! It’s you who can’t fight your way out of a paper bag!”


“I’m not the one who need directions every night to get to the bath room!  One I might add that you’ve been going to for the past three years!”


“Screw you, psycho whore! It’s no wonder your boyfriend hardly comes around! He’s afraid that you’ll suck all the fun out of doing things with you!” A crash is heard.


“That’s not cool! He’s pre-med! Of course he’s not around all that often!”


“Yeah right!”


“Dang it! Don’t bite me!”


“Then keep your fingers out of my mouth!”


“I still want that gum! I’m not going to let you keep snapping it while I’m trying to study!”


“Boo frikin’ hoo! I’ll snap my gum if I want to and you can’t stop me!”


“I’m going to damn well try to!”


“Come near my mouth and I’ll do more then just bite your fingers! I’ll make sure you can’t use them for a week!”


“Prissy whore! I’ll get that gum one way or the other!”

“Repetitive much, you stupid cow?!”


“Who are you calling a stupid cow you valley girl wannabe?!”

“Who do you think?”


“Why I oughta…!”


“Bring it on!”


“Ow!! No grabbing my hair!”


“Damn it! That was my favorite shirt! Get off!”


“Screw you!”



*        *        *



In the room next door, two other girls sigh and shake their heads.


“Are they at it again?”

“Yes, they are.”


“Why did we have to get the twin sisters next to our dorm room?” one girl asked the other.


“I don’t know. We’re lucky like that?” she replies, wincing at the thuds coming from the other room.


“Right. Lucky. What set them off this time?”




This just made me giggle helplessly and I hope you enjoyed it along with me. I would like to thank my wondrous beta/editor for this one, Mattias. Thank you dear. *huggles and kisses*


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