“It’s the story of a boy,” he started, though weariness was visible on his face, “who looked for true love. He looked for it in every face, every corner. He had heard about it, read about it and even seen it. But he had never lived it. He yearned for that light which would dispel the darkness of loneliness in his life. He met many girls but he knew that one day she would come. The One. And she did. She was beyond everything he thought…”


“She was a monster,” she sobbed.


“No! She was a real angel, one whose light shone upon all those surrounding them,” he said with a strange twinkle in his eyes that almost bordered on veneration. “Her kind heart reflected on her fairy-like face. Her skin glowed when she walked in the sunlight. She was an angel. And she had such pretty eyes. Green emerald eyes with a small ring of bluish color. One day, he lost himself in those eyes and told her about his budding feelings for her.”


“And then, he learnt that she wasn’t the angel that she appeared,” she continued. “She was a cursed being. She confessed to him that anyone who gave her his heart, would die within weeks. Such was the curse. Her flawless beauty, making the curse truer than ever, weighed on her like a burden. She wished to have scars, to be ugly, to be deformed. She even tried. But it never happened.”


“At first, he didn’t believe her, thinking she was trying to make him run away,” he chuckled or tried to. He barely had any energy left.


“But she had to make him believe her,” she said without any humor. “She had to save him. She didn’t want more innocent deaths on her conscience. At first, she tried to avoid him…”


“Yeah, like the time when she took the longer route to work but instead found him a little ahead with a broken car…” he grinned.


“She tried to show him her imperfections…”


“But she didn’t know that her imperfections made her more beautiful,” he smiled.


“She tried to set him with girls, who were prettier and kinder than her…”


“But he found them all fake which made him fall in love with her more.”


“He shouldn’t have!” she cried.


“It was beyond him,” he sighed, “He never controlled anything; in fact, it felt as if something controlled him. But deep down, he hoped and hoped with all his force, that the curse would not be fulfilled. He wished that someway his love would live forever. And something told him that he was right…”


“He was wrong!” she wailed, “YOU were wrong. You should have never given me your heart. You won’t be able to survive. And it’s my entire fault. You were wrong…”


“No,” he smiled, though a bit sadly. “I was right. Even if I die, my love will survive. My love for you has crossed the limits of my body and dwells in my soul now. And soul never dies. My love will never die, my angel. It will live forever with me up there.”


“Don’t go. Please don’t go,” she said tearfully as she held his hands.


“Don’t ask something that I may not give you. You may have given me death but you gave me life too, sweet angel. A real life where true love existed. You can’t believe how much it means for me. Thanks for that. Bye now. And take care of my heart.”


“Rest in peace, my friend,” she sobbed as she closed his lifeless eyes.


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