“Well I can’t say that I didn’t expect you,” said twenty-eight year old Raeford Harrington when he opened to door to find his ex-lover, Randal Littleton standing on the other side.

“Are you going to let me in?” Randal asked, looking at him with barely disguised contempt.

“Suit yourself,” said Raeford, stepping aside. “You won’t be staying long though.”

“Do I ever?” Randal quipped, rolling his eyes as he came through the door.

“What’s this about, Randy?” Raeford asked, slamming the door and turning to glare at his visitor. “You can’t possibly think that you’ve left anything else to pick up. I’ve made sure that your possessions were given to you.”

“In paper sacks no less,” snapped Randal. “What was that about?”

“Look,” said Raeford with a sigh. “The nicest thing that I can say about you is that when you left you were gone. I didn’t have to walk around on eggshells wondering when the big event would occur. Yet since you left you’ve come back repeatedly to get imaginary items you are pretending to have left behind. I can’t figure out why though. You have your new guy. Why aren’t you smothering him?”

“Dalton works for a living,” Randal said hatefully. “And I didn’t come here for imaginary items. You left a few things out of the paper shopping bags, Rae.”

“Oh?” replied Raeford, looking surprised as he scanned the foyer’s items. “I don’t see anything that belongs to you.”

“What about the Metallica discs you conveniently left out of the kip?” Randal huffed, puffing his chest and holding his head higher.

“Oh those,” laughed Raeford, wanting to knock the smug look off Randal’s face. “Well those were scratched and didn’t play. You know we threw those out ages ago.”

“Right,” Randal said sarcastically. “And the satin bed sheets?”

“You want the sheets off my bed?” Raeford asked with wide eyes. “Well by all means I’ll get those for you.”

“And don’t forget my silk tie,” snapped Randal, eyeing him hard. “Why would you want to keep that anyway?”

“Oh believe me, I don’t want your ties,” said Raeford. “If they weren’t in one of the shopping bags then I’m not sure where they would be. Are you sure you didn’t overlook them?”

“I didn’t overlook anything, Rae,” barked Randal. “And yes, all of my ties were in the bags except the silk tie. I’m meeting with an important client tomorrow and I want that tie. Now don’t stand there and pretend that you don’t know where it is. It was around your neck last night at Marcie’s.”

“Oh that silk tie,” Raeford said innocently, turning and walking into the living room. “I think you’re mistaken, Randy. That tie was given to me by someone who used to mean something to me.”

“Cute,” snapped Randal. “Where’s the damned tie?”

“You’re not getting it, so what does it matter where it is?” Raeford asked. “You gave me that tie on our third anniversary.”

“And now I want it back,” said Randal.

“Well as I said, you’re not getting it back,” replied Raeford. “I’ll buy you new discs if you want, and I’ll even give you the damned silk sheets. I can’t think for the life of me why you would want the sheets off my bed, but I’ll give you the damned things. Then I want you out of here. I don’t want you to come back anymore, Randy. We’re done. It’s over and you’re the one who declared it over. So why don’t you just stop coming around here and putting it in my face?”

“You’ll never change,” hissed Randal. “This is just more of why I left you to begin with. You have to have everything the way you want it. To hell with what others want. Keep the tie, Rae. Keep the sheets. I don’t even want you to buy me discs to replace the ones you threw out. I’ll leave you alone. Believe that. I really only came over here to tell you that you aren’t half the man Dalton is. You don’t even come close.”

“Oh you came to gloat,” laughed Raeford. “If Dalton is so damned great then why was he all over Tanner at Marcie’s last night?”

“Dalton was drunk,” protested Randal. “He didn’t know what he was doing.”

“Well from what he was saying to Tanner I’d say he knew exactly what he was doing,” snapped Raeford. “Don’t come over here and bitch at me about stupid things and try to make me feel as rotten and miserable as you are just because you left me for someone who doesn’t want you.”

“Fuck you, Rae,” Randal said hatefully.

“Not anymore, Randy,” laughed Raeford. “You’ve got Dalton and Tanner for that.”

“How dare you...”

“Get out,” snapped Raeford, cutting him off. “Now.”

Randal looked as if he was going to say more for a moment. Then he turned and stalked back to the foyer. Raeford followed him and leaned against the door after he shut it behind Randal. He sighed as he stood there. “I love you, Randy.”



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