The Conflict Fiction Writing Project, as the title suggests, explores a fundamental concept of fiction writing - conflict.  Not every story requires conflict in the sense of descriptions of physical violence, but most involve some kind of internal conflict resolved during the course of the tale.  In this Writing Projects, authors are challenged to explore the concept of conflict, either literally or figuratively.

All members and authors are invited to participate in this Writing Project.  If you think you would like to take part, please click on the "Participate" link in the banner above, where you will find the rules related to this Writing Project, a more in-depth explanation of what is expected of participating authors, and the submission form you are required to use when submitting your story to The Authors Haunt.


Sometimes when a person writes they feel their characters have a life of their own...


Word Count: 656

Published: 30 Sep 2009


One smiling in the joys of union and one crying in the grief of separation. Both meet in the Garden of Lights.


Word Count: 1,002

Published: 21 Feb 2009


A newly born vampire finds it hard to cope...


Word Count: 785

Published: 11 Jul 2009