I sit

And consider

The future of this place

The folk or more precisely, me

My life


I dream

Of what might be

My path throughout this maze

The mad route through the labyrinth

Of life


Then you

Came to my life

By chance or maybe fate

To change all I had known and thought

Till now


I do

What must be done

To make ends meet for us

Togetherness comfortable

In love


But still

There’s always more

New vistas yet to face

More hurdles on this crazy path

Till death



I contemplate

My life as it has been

My choices as I see to date

Were right


If I

Could do again

I would not change a thing

No path than this would bring me here

With you


My life

Has been so full

Just one thing left to say

I’d do it all again with you

My love